Tigertriever 13 Stentectomy

Female patient (1955), SAH in June 2020 recovered from GCS 3 to GCS 15, no deficit Coiling of ACM aneurysm, microaneurysm on lentriculostriatal artery observation Control DSA at 3 months, showed recurrence at the neck of ruptured aneurysm, and treatment with recoiling and stent placement was planned Coiling of the neck was performed. To increase good result, placement of atlas through m2 into m1 was done, patient was on DAPT for 5 days beforehand and levels of aggregation were satisfactory. Closing of distal part of atlas was noticed, as well as occlusion of parietal branch from neck of the aneurysm. Bolus dosage of IA integrilin was applied as well as an increase in IV aspirin. During wait,

Tiger 17 with Proximal Pinching. NIHSS 21 to 6

Thrombus fragement in MCA bifurcation after reopening tandem occlusion , tiger 17 with proximal pinching. nihss 21 to 6, TICI 2c. Dr. Vladimir Kalousek, KBC Sestre Milosrdnice, Croatia Read more on Linked-In ------> Read more on Twitter ------->

Tigertriever 13 Live @SLICE 2020

Thank you Prof. Vincent Costalat for a wonderful Congress! Live distal thrombectomy discussions on SLICE Worldwide. Dr. Grégory GASCOU demonstrates #Tigertriever13 in action and on model, delivered by Headway Dou 167. Watch and join the great online sessions as part of the MULTIDISCIPLINARY STROKE LIVE MEETING - https://www.slice-worldwide.com/

Ruptured PCOM Treatment

Ruptured PCOM Treated with Comaneci's assistance. Dr. M. Asif Taqi, MD, Director Neurosciences at Los Robles and West Hills Medical, Thousand Oaks, California, United States Watch video on Twitter ------>

Ruptured Carotid Ophthalmic

Ruptured Carotid/Ophthalmic aneurysm assisted coiling by Comaneci. Dr. Anthony Reyre, Interventional and Diagnostic Neuroradiologist/Neuroradiologue Diagnostique et Interventionnel, Marseille 05, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France Read more on Linked In ------> Read more on Twitter ------>

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