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How DISTAL shall we go?

Should we treat distal occlusions like in this particular case?

Well I would definitely say yes with new available devices such as Tiger Stentretriver from Rapid Medical

Here is an old lady with sudden left side hemianopsia, left gase palsy and visual neglect. NIHSS: 5p

A right sided P4 ocklusion was observed on CTA. The patint was on Warfarin treatment because of arterial fibrillation with an INR value of 2,4. Thrombolysis was not an option.

The oclusion was easly reched with SL10 microcatheter from Stryker Neurovascular and TIGER 13 Stentretriever was deployed after distal injection. I managed to retrieve the clot to a P2 segment which later was aspirated with SOFIA 5F from MicroVention-Terumo which was already used as intermediary catheter.

TICI3 resault without any complications


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