As a young and growing company, Rapid Medical provides its employees with an open, exciting and dynamic work environment. If you thrive in a fast-moving, challenging atmosphere where every employee counts, you are invited to submit your resume:



Senior R&D Engineer


Rapid Medical is looking for an experienced R&D Engineer to join its R&D and Engineering team, to further expand its products portfolio in the neuro-vascular field.


Scope & Responsibilities: 

  • Leading R&D projects. 

  • Developing new products. 

  • Improving existing commercial products.

  • Improving production and design processes.

  • Designing machinery and tools.

  • Work collaboratively with other team members and positions from other departments in the company (manufacturing, quality, regulation, clinic and sales).



  • Mechanical or Biomedical Engineer with a strong mechanical background.

  • At least 5 years of experience in developing of invasive medical device.

  • Knowledge and experience in SolidWorks.

  • Excellent teamwork ability.

  • Ability to work in a dynamic and changing environment.

  • Ability to manage time and priorities.


Advantage will be given to an experience in:

  • Developing mechanisms with fine/micro-mechanics.

  • Working with Nitinol.

  • Development of products for intervention procedures.

  • Knowledge in braiding technologies.

  • Knowledge in neuro-interventions.

  • Stents and implants development.

  • Transfer from development to commercial production.


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Global Marketing Manager


Rapid Medical is looking for an experienced Global Marketing Manager to be a part of its Marketing team – develop and lead Rapid Medical’s marketing strategy in Israel and abroad.


Scope & Responsibilities: 

  • Creating brand strategy, business plan, marcom strategy etc.

  • Develop business campaigns in various media and digital channels.

  • Building a marketing communication plan.

  • Planning marketing budget to achieve business results.

  • Planning and executing conferences and exhibitions abroad.

  • Working closely with the Sales & R&D teams to adapt products to market demands.



  • 3 years of experience as a marketing manager or marketing lead.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Excellent written and spoken English.

  • Available for travel abroad

  • Experience in the neurovascular field – an advantage.


Please send your CV to



R&D Project Manager


We are looking for R&D Project Manager to join our R&D and Engineering team, and lead development projects of medical device designed for neuro-interventions. 

The R&D Project Manager position is the anchor that integrates and leads R&D projects end-to-end, from initial project requirements to successful commercial use.  


Scope & Responsibilities: 

  • Lead and manage R&D projects

  • Manage project timelines

  • Lead project meetings

  • Generate DHF/DMR documentation

  • Design test set-ups

  • Execute R&D tests

  • Write test protocols and test reports

  • Perform V&V testing

  • Design production tools

  • Transfer to production

  • Support ECO processes

  • Support regulatory submissions

  • Work collaboratively with team member and colleagues from other departments in the company (manufacturing, quality, regulation, clinical and sales)



  • Mechanical or Biomedical Engineer with mechanical background

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in medical device industry

  • Project management skills

  • Very organized & methodical

  • Ability to manage time and priorities

  • Good technical skills / hands-on

  • Design skills

  • Excellent teamwork ability and interpersonal skills

  • Adaptive to dynamic and changing environment

  • Proficient in SolidWorks and Office software

  • Good technical English, speaking reading & writing

  • Presentation skills




  • ​3-5 years of experience in medical device industry

  • Experience in Project management

  • Experience in working with nitinol

  • Experience in braiding technology

  • Experience in generating high-quality technical documents

  • Experience in transfer from development to commercial production

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Production Technician


Rapid Medical is looking for an experienced Production Technician for a range of assemblies according to product specifications, including work in a clean room.



  • Experience working in production lines.

  • Basic knowledge of measuring instruments: caliber, gauges, etc.

  • Knowledge of reading mechanical drawings.

  • Basic knowledge in office.

  • Technical English - reading, Hebrew - reading and speaking.

  • Training or experience in a similar role in the industry.

  • Available for working in shifts.

  • Experience in the medical field – an advantage.

  • Ability to work independent, according to product specifications.

  • Self-discipline, initiative and responsible.

  • Technical sense.

  • Hardworking, quick learning ability.

  • Proven background of excellence: military, studies or previous work.

  • Monotonic working ability with microscope, sitting for long periods of time.

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