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Great Comaneci 17 Coil Mass Support for PCA Aneurysm

Another successful #Comaneci case was performed at

St. Joseph's Health Medical Center in Paterson, NJ on Tuesday, May 4 by Dr. Ciro G. Randazzo, MD, MPH, FAANS, assisted by his partner Anil Nair, MD.

Femoral Access with Envoy

Headway 17 (MicroVention-Terumo)

A combination of coils were deployed:

Target Nano 2.5mmx4cm, 2mmx4cm (Stryker Neurovascular)

Axium 3D Bare Platinum 3.5mm x 6cm (Medtronic Neurovascular)

Dr. Randazzo positioned the Comaneci 17 in the PCA,

enabling coil placement. He was pleased with the support that Comaneci 17 provided to the coil mass.


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