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Vasospasm post-SAH treated with Comaneci 17

Patient (F) developed severe cerebral vasospasm on day one post-coiling of a ruptured ICA aneurysm. Symptoms included left-sided hemiplegia and the patient was brought in for a cerebral angiogram.

First-line treatment was intra-arterial nimodipine to which there was

insufficient response. #Comaneci17 was chosen for the treatment in favor over a balloon, particularly because of the short M1. The Comaneci was inflated on multiple locations in the M1 and both M2 branches. Each inflation lasted about 2 minutes. The patient significantly improved angiographically and the hemiplegia resolved


Courtesy of Dr. E. Celik, Chief physician of interventional radiology & neuroradiology department, Krankenhaus Ludmillenstift, Meppen, Germany. Thank you for sharing your case, Dr. Celik!


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