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"TIGERTRIEVER was the Game Changer Here..."

80 year old male with wake up stroke arrived our center with mild hemiparesis (13:10), NECT showed no hypodensities (13:22, ASPECTS 10), a left M1 occlusion with large penumbra in the MCA territory and no core. Along to DEFUSE 3 criteria we discussed with him the thrombectomy. He gave informed consent after a while, door-to-groin 71 min (general anaesthesia). We faced a fibrin rich clot and three thrombectomy attempts with our standard material failed. Tigertriever was the gamechanger here and easily grabbed the clot wirh TICI3 (door-to-fTICI 123 min). Which device do you use for the fribrin rich clots?

Dr. Christian Dyzmann, Sana Klinikum Lübeck, Germany


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