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"Tiger 17 did the job..."

86 year old lady got aphasia during breakfast (8:00), husband called the ambulance, primary admission in a hospital without INR, CT showed no infarction – ASPECTS 10 (11:26) and CTA showed M2 occlusion on the left side (11:28). No thrombolysis was given due to Edoxaban therapy. First INR declined, i was called an accepted admission. Secondary admission at 12:41 (65 km), NIHSS 6 with global aphasia, door-to-groin 24 min (general anaesthesia). Took some minutes to pass the nasty kinkig of the left carotid, glad for Sophia and RapidTransit. Occlusion was indentified in LAO angiogram. Tiger17 did the job together with little Sophia. First-pass TICI 3 - door-to-fTICI 52 min. Old lady recovered 1 h after recanalization completely.

Dr. Christian Mohr, Sektionsleiter Neuroradiologie SKL, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

CT Scan:


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