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USA Health neurologist first in the state to perform new aneurysm procedure

Steve Cordina, M.D., associate professor of neurology at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine and an interventional neurologist with USA Health, recently performed the first Comaneci adjustable remodeling mesh assisted aneurysm repair in the state of Alabama.

The Comaneci device consists of an adjustable remodeling mesh to assist with aneurysm coil embolization, which allows for aneurysms to be treated without cutting off the blood flow during the procedure.

This is an alternative to the usual treatments which need temporary blood vessel occlusion during the aneurysm surgery. The ability to maintain blood flow constantly decreases the risk of complications from traditional aneurysm procedures. It provides similar benefits to intracranial aneurysm stent assisted coiling with an advantage of not having to leave a stent in the blood vessel that would need treatment with blood thinners afterwards.

The Comaneci procedure allows for more patients to be treated in a minimally-invasive manner. This improves patient recovery since patients can go home the next day. Traditional open procedures that are more invasive require a longer recovery period.

“USA Health is providing cutting-edge neurovascular technologies that allows our patients to stay in Mobile for treatment,” Cordina said. “This fits in with the other comprehensive neurological services that we provide to our region.”

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