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The remapping software are designed for Car companies, like BMW or Ford, that need to make the right choice between standard ECU or ECU Factory. The software are also designed for race and tuners that needs to tune a car that has not been remapped yet, to fit a rulebook, that is more or less specific than the original race. ECM Titanium is made to fit all types of Ferrari models, It can be used for “XDR” and “GT” transmission: - F1 - F355 - F430 - F430 Mod. E - F430 (Mod. E) - F5 - F50 - F6 - F50 (Mod. E) - F6 Bologna - F6 Berlinetta - F620 - F430 Scuderia - F430 Scuderia GTC - F550 - F60 - F60B - F60 America - F60 Berlinetta GTC - F60 Monza - F60 Maranello - F600 - F620 (Mod. E) - F620 (Mod. E, aero kit) - F720 - F720 Berlinetta - F750 - F750 America - F750 America (Mod. E) - F750 America (Mod. E, aero kit) - F750 Maranello - F750 Maranello (Mod. E) - F750 Maranello (Mod. E, aero kit) - F750 Mod. E - F750 Mod. E (aero kit) - F750 Mod




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