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Motherhood and Divine Feminine Energy Balancing

Because a piece of our identity dies after childbirth, we're supposed to greet our new "mother self" with assurance and grace on the other side. Unfortunately, this is often the result of a painful or less-than-ideal delivery experience website.

We spend most of our day alone with a baby whose requirements are largely unknown—and we have no idea what our own needs are. We live in a mental and physical environment that is constantly changing. We feel like we've gotten the swing of things after a few weeks. We've managed to keep the turmoil in check, only to return to work and confront yet another change.

If there's one thing our "mother self" doesn't change, it's that she's constantly evolving. That's the way it's meant to be.

As we progress from virgin to mother, we immerse ourselves more in our divine feminine. This energy is responsible for the seasons and production of everything.

Our natural feminine nature conflicts with society's harsh, masculine character. These mental problems that plague new moms, I believe, stem from this contradiction. It contains the intense tug-of-war that is taking place. It isn't simply a problem among moms; it is a problem in our culture as a whole.

In no way am I implying that one energy is superior to the other. Instead, a delicate balance between these two energies is necessary. To understand how to achieve this equilibrium, we must first comprehend each significance individually.

Let us begin with the divine masculine:

The sun is frequently associated with divine masculinity. It is unavoidable. It rises in the east and sets in the west every day. But, it only goes in one direction. Masculine energy is about taking action and moving forward. Little monopoly guys are toasting "to the industry!" in my brain. This is since masculinity has an impact on business and getting things done. It is the motivation, the unwavering determination that propels us ahead. It's the work ethic of "sun up to sundown." It's also crucial. We wouldn't get much done if we exclusively lived in our feminine selves. We'd be engrossed in our feelings and caring for them.

Divine Femininity:

This energy is similar to that of the moon and the seasons. She glides through brutal winters and arid summers with ease. She's the most potent force, blazing brightly when the moon is full and hidden during the new moon. Change is the only constant in this energy. She allows for flexibility since she understands that her day-to-day is constantly changing. Her drive isn't linear—she isn't attempting to climb the ladder as quickly as possible. Instead, she tries to figure out how close she is to herself.

She is drawn to the depths. The feelings. She is the one who created everything. The person in charge of the gardens and the kitchen. She is the one who makes the rituals and ensures that her family follows a moral code.

We have grown so divorced from our femininity in our culture that we feel guilty about relaxing or taking time for ourselves. Moreover, we believe that our primary goal of being a mother or caretaker is insufficient since we directly impact upward mobility or monetary gain.

If you are a busy-bee, an over-doer, you may encounter masculine energetics. You are apprehensive about rest and having a free schedule. You've probably heard the phrase "the grass doesn't grow under your feet" a few times. You put a lot of effort into everything you do, including your work, relationships, and social media profiles. When we're emotionally exhausted, the masculine-dominated energy slips in more subtly. What do you do initially when your head isn't in the proper place when you're faced with an unexpected stressor? Your masculinity is peeking through if you go into action and keep yourself active. Challenging emotions are avoided by the macho. They're viewed as roadblocks in our day, something that will slow us down.

On the other hand, if your feminine energy is intense, you may become so engrossed in emotions that you neglect your daily requirements. You are sympathetic and would gladly offer your life for others. On the negative side, you may be unable to complete assignments on time or lack the drive to pursue your goals. You glide through your day, carried along by one feeling after another. You may have been told you're flighty, emotional, or over-reactive because of your head in the clouds. You always wear your heart on your sleeve. Mothering is feasible because of your flexible nature. You brace yourself for the mayhem and ride the rollercoaster of your days. You like both the highs and lows.

With the growth in popularity of phrases like "divine feminine," I'm afraid many people have misinterpreted that message. They are entirely dominated by matriarchal, feminine energy.

Yes, we need more of the feminine in our society—some so many individuals have been shattered by the system and are unable to make ends meet while others rise—but when combined with conscious masculine solidity, we can effect change. Change with a clear direction, guided by the feminine heart. All faiths speak about the oneness of these forces, including Jesus, Shiva, Parvati, gods. The one constant for them was balanced chaos.

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