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A Guide to Use Idioms and Proverbs in an Essay

I bet you are wondering about this. Can a person make use of proverbs and idioms in an essay? Well,this is a loaded question. In academic writing, one tends to not use idioms or proverbs or any other phrases that are considered to be “informal”.

However, this does not mean that we can’t use these types of phrases in our writing at all. On the contrary, a good essay writer knows how to ensure that these phrases can be used efficiently. Without making the writing unprofessional of course.

This is best done in comprehension writing. In fact, there are many ways in which we can use idioms and proverbs when it comes to comprehension.

Let's discuss various ways to do it.

Way #1: Use in Intro

The best way to make use of an idiom or proverb is to use it in the introduction. And that too in the first line. We are always told to start with a catchy introduction. So, what’s better than an idiom? For instance, if you are writing an essay about choice, you can start it off by saying, “Beggars can’t be choosers”. This way you will get an interesting intro while you will be able to use idioms as well.

Way #2: Dialogues

You can also use phrases like these in dialogues. In comprehension or story-telling, dialogues tend to play a key role. And when you are including dialogues, you can include anything. You won’t even have to wonder things like “Oh, how am I to write my essay now?” You will be able to make it interesting with the use of a few key phrases.

So, add them to your dialogues.

Way #3: Can be Used in Conclusion

If you can’t possibly use an idiom or a proverb anywhere else then just use it in the conclusion. Also, if you really want to write a conclusion that strikes the heart of all your readers alike then you can use idioms or proverbs to leave your audience speechless. For instance, you can say that the early bird catches the worm to motivate your readers to get started on their essays early on.

Way #4: Use Simple Idioms/Proverbs

The key to using such uncommon phrases is that you have to use the simplest of them all. So, if you use phrases like “actions speak louder than words” or “don’t judge a book by its cover”, then they will be far more acceptable in writing. Why? Because these phrases are so commonly used that they have become a part of everyday conversation. So, if you do use them once in a while, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Way #5: Don’t Overdo It

“Once in a while” is the keyword here. Which means that you can’t stuff every other sentence with an idiom or a proverb. You need to be very subtle about the use of such phrases so that they do not sound cliche. Be creative and only use them when they seem to come naturally in the text. Do not try to force them or you won’t like the results.

Now to the benefits. There are many benefits of using these types of phrases.

Benefit #1: Adds Imagery

This is a great technique as it helps to create a better story. Particularly, if you are writing fiction then you will need to add a bit of imagery to the text to keep things less bland. Hence, the use of an idiom or a proverb would only be beneficial here as you can depict many emotions via a few simple and straightforward words.

Benefit #2: Shows Familiarity

With the language. The use of phrases, such as proverbs or idioms, tends to convince your reader that you are very familiar with the language in which you write. This can prove to be beneficial for you, particularly if English is not your first tongue. You can make use of proverbs or idioms so that your words and your language seem more authentic and organic. This will also eliminate the need for in depth research to a certain degree.

Benefit #3: Makes Writing Interesting

There is no doubt in the fact that sometimes your writing, particularly academic writing, can become a bit boring. Even if you are not working on an academic article and even when you are writing fiction, unless you work for an essay writing service, there is no way your writing is always amazing. Nonetheless, it can be made interesting with a little help. Use idioms or proverbs to add a little bit of spice to your writing.

Benefit #4: Adds Dynamic

A friend of mine once said that she uses proverbs to add a bit of “color” to her writing. I didn't really understand her until I started writing myself and found myself at a loss of how to explain myself. Writing stuff like “he was as brave as a lion” was certainly not gonna earn me points in English class. So, I turned to proverbs and idioms.

So, here is how you can be helped by the use of these phrases. But I get it if you are still confused. Don't worry if you are because I have the perfect solution to your problems. Those paper writing services that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, they come quite handy if you don’t know the whats and hows of writing.

So, why not get a paper written ASAP?

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