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Conclusions of the teacher who worked at the school An outcast won't be a good teacher I was an outcast, I still lack courage. I don’t go to rallies – I’m afraid that they will detain me, I will be confused and say too much, my parents will have problems because of this, that my political position will somehow negatively affect the well-being of my family. I help many organizations that have now become “inconvenient”, but I cannot call myself an activist. I still have complexes about my appearance. I can sympathize with children who are not like others and suffer from this, but I cannot help and explain to them how to get out of this situation, because I myself do not know how to cope with this within the framework of modern realities. But now I could maybe help them understand themselves with the help of which specializes in writing papers. Only when they could describe themselves from the outside and pick up the right thoughts could there be a result. And the teacher must cope with this and he must help the child to be successful. In tutoring, this is not so noticeable, because we don’t see students every day. Nobody will help you I recently went to an interview at a school that I really wanted to get into. I wanted to see what they have to offer. When the director asked me about my previous job and the reasons why I left, I answered honestly: there were problems with some children and discipline, and fellow philologists, except for one teacher, were not very interested in solving problems. There was no team, everyone was for himself. The director reacted strangely and aggressively.I concluded that in this school, if you do not make at least one friend, then you will not receive any support. There are no methodological groups here, and there are no teacher support groups either. Again there is no team - everyone is in groups, like schoolchildren at recess. I have to help myself and it's good that there is he helped me a lot as I tried to prepare well so that the children could learn their lessons. It helped me a lot in teaching. On paper, educators still have a mentoring allowance. I had a way of mentoring and it was using a resource that could help when it comes to writing quality work. But colleagues do not consider it necessary to take advantage of this opportunity: there is no question of any mentoring in schools. Therefore, to the questions of directors and teachers of the old school, “Why don’t young teachers go to general education schools?” I can answer like this: no one helps us. I am ready to endure a small salary (thanks to tutoring), but the absence of a “warm word”, solidarity, support, and just some pleasant little things that make you smile from time to time is unbearable. If it weren’t for the methodical meetings at the school of my friend and colleague, which are simply brilliantly made by enterprising teachers-philologists, where you really feel ownership and where you are respected as a person, I would definitely have fallen into depression. Here are my findings over the past few months. Yes, it was an experience. Not the best, but very valuable for me.I continue to develop professionally, I have students, but I don’t want to return to the system.

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