ESO- Stroke Winter School

We are participating in the European Stroke organization's Stroke Winter Course 2018 in Bern, Switzerland. The winter school offers a unique method of teaching. Combining plenum sessions, discussions and technical training - including live training with Tigertriever.

Comaneci & Tiger at the ABC Win 2018 in Val d'Isere

At this year's ABC-WIN, physicians from countries throughout Europe shared their experiences using the Comaneci & Tiger in daily practice, as part of their neuro-interventional toolbox The following were presented at the congress: ABC Win Val d'Isere 2018 Comaneci Sessions Summary: Dr. Mani Puthuran Walton Centre NHS Trust Liverpool, UK 26 cases mostly in 2017 33% Elective 72% PCOM and ICA "I found the Comaneci to be a very good and stable adjunct device. There was no flow disruption, and it proved to have a good safety profile." Dr. Stanimir Sirakov UH St. Ivan Rilski Sofia, Bulgaria Standard use 2017: 54 patients - 49 Post SAH "…in our experience, the Comaneci is an effec

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